Orbital Kit 101 Part 1: Buffer Choices

A Beginner’s Orbital Kit

Purpose: No more general threads asking what orbital kit to buy or confusion over basic accessories such as the backing plate & pad dilemmas.

This is not a definitive guide on the different backing plates, buffing pads, and polishers. Its a guide to get you started seriously on Machine Buffing. Orbitals are safe, easy to learn,  and achieve more than what your meek arms can handle. Somewhere in your head you think that purchasing this orbital set will allow you to do Professional work on more than one vehicle down the road.

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Upcoming Write Ups: Orbital Kit 101, Wheel Cleaner Round Up & More!

No this blog is not dead, I’ve just been tirelessly waiting for a new monitor and some free time to do some write ups. I’m 50% done on the Beginner’s Orbital Kit 101 Guide which I hope will lure some unsuspecting Car lovers into Detailing. As well I’ll be doing a Wheel Cleaner Round Up to make it even faster to read. Finally to steer of course from the guides I should be writing (Tires, whoops) there will be a Detailing blog round up. Most of all of them are far better than this website, pretty sad.

Avoiding the Pollen Swarm

Tree pollen season is starting here in North Carolina and boy do those yellow swarms royally suck for your paint. Besides the new paint color, Pollen can be acidic, sticky, and scratch sensitive on your paint finish. Pollen is starting a early this March and should taper off into May. Everyone who lives in the southeastern region should thank oak, hickory, sycamore, walnut, elm, box elder and ash trees. If you are near the tree & mountain areas, lucky you since allergies should be reduced. So how do you combat the yellow swarm?

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Wheel Cleaners Part 2: Spray On & Rinse Off

Wheel Cleaners: Spray On, Rinse Off

Continuing from our first Wheel Cleaner Guide.

Spray on wheel cleaners can vary widely in strength and chemical solution. The most advantageous point of spray cleaners are they are generally inexpensive and do not sud as much so rinsing is very easy. The disadvantage of sprays cleaners are they can vary widely in pH level and cleaning strength. You must be aware of the metal surface and chemical interaction occurring. Dilute products and remember the recommended chemical dwell time. To properly use such spray wheel cleaners, it is best to wet the surface, dwell, monitor strength, and rinse adequately. There is a huge variety of of wheel cleaners choose from.

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Wheel Cleaners Part 1: Gel & Foam

Wheel Cleaners: Gel & Foaming

Gel foaming wheel cleaners dwell, cling, and ultimately cling to surfaces to allow for proper cleaning. The most advantageous point of gels is that they are ultra safe for all surfaces and are PH balanced. The disadvantage to gels is they create so much foam within curves and holes that rinsing takes a long period of time. Also gels are more expensive. I’d rate the cleaning strength at medium. To properly use such gel foaming wheel cleaners, its best to rinse the surface slightly to allow some liquid on the wheel. Spray the cleaner in a wide spray on the wheel, then begin to agitate vigorously.

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Product Purchase Guide

Essentials of a Detailing Vendor

  • Customer Service: Want a product to be distributed? Wondering if a buffing pad fits a orbital buffer? Proper customer service is always available 24/7 on the internet, forums, by email, and by phone.
  • Shipping: Packaging! Boxes need tape at every seam, bubble wrap around bottles to avoid leaks or spills, packing peanuts galore, and most important tape around the bottle neck of every product. Please cut each vendor a break with damages during transit, USPS/Fedex/UPS does its best to get their product to you in standard format. Incorrect product sent or damaged? The vendor will send a replacement at no cost.
  • Product: Vendors need to have the popular forum favorites and continual product releases from known brands.
  • Pricing: Must price match to be competitive. Running email sales, group buys, clearance sales, and VIP specials make a happy customer.
  • Here are my Top 5 Favorite Recommended Vendors that I hope won’t disappoint.

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    Welcome to Liquid Finish

    Welcome to Liquid Finish! This blog will cover product guides, detail processes, detailers around the world, and on going market changes.

    Progressive Detailing: Product Minimalism, Eco-Consicous Process, Detailing as a Craft

    Blog Commitment & Purpose


    • Wheel Cleaners – Rinse Off, Foaming, Acid & Stronger . pt 1 March 13, pt 2 March 15
    • Tires – Restoring that New Look
    • Microfiber – Everything relating to Polyamide & Polyester
    • Car Wash & Waterless – Rinseless Washes, Gloss Shampoos, Slick Washes
    • Power of Steam
    • A Move to Green “Eco” Detailing
    • Optimum No Rinse Wash
    • Online Product Purchases . v1 updated March 8


    1. Create product & information guides for every possible portion of a vehicle
    2. Create vendor list for all boutique & professional products needs . v1 updated March 11
    3. Create “Hit List” of Recommended Detailers in North America & World
    4. Debunk detailing myths: wax layering, beading, leather care & more
    5. Report on prosumer, boutique, & professional product market trends
    6. Exceed record of 53 view count made on June 2007

    Bear with the continual changes & updates.