Welcome to Liquid Finish

Welcome to Liquid Finish! This blog will cover product guides, detail processes, detailers around the world, and on going market changes.

Progressive Detailing: Product Minimalism, Eco-Consicous Process, Detailing as a Craft

Blog Commitment & Purpose


  • Wheel Cleaners – Rinse Off, Foaming, Acid & Stronger . pt 1 March 13, pt 2 March 15
  • Tires – Restoring that New Look
  • Microfiber – Everything relating to Polyamide & Polyester
  • Car Wash & Waterless – Rinseless Washes, Gloss Shampoos, Slick Washes
  • Power of Steam
  • A Move to Green “Eco” Detailing
  • Optimum No Rinse Wash
  • Online Product Purchases . v1 updated March 8


  1. Create product & information guides for every possible portion of a vehicle
  2. Create vendor list for all boutique & professional products needs . v1 updated March 11
  3. Create “Hit List” of Recommended Detailers in North America & World
  4. Debunk detailing myths: wax layering, beading, leather care & more
  5. Report on prosumer, boutique, & professional product market trends
  6. Exceed record of 53 view count made on June 2007

Bear with the continual changes & updates.


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