Product Purchase Guide

Essentials of a Detailing Vendor

  • Customer Service: Want a product to be distributed? Wondering if a buffing pad fits a orbital buffer? Proper customer service is always available 24/7 on the internet, forums, by email, and by phone.
  • Shipping: Packaging! Boxes need tape at every seam, bubble wrap around bottles to avoid leaks or spills, packing peanuts galore, and most important tape around the bottle neck of every product. Please cut each vendor a break with damages during transit, USPS/Fedex/UPS does its best to get their product to you in standard format. Incorrect product sent or damaged? The vendor will send a replacement at no cost.
  • Product: Vendors need to have the popular forum favorites and continual product releases from known brands.
  • Pricing: Must price match to be competitive. Running email sales, group buys, clearance sales, and VIP specials make a happy customer.
  • Here are my Top 5 Favorite Recommended Vendors that I hope won’t disappoint.

    Detailer’s Domain Phillip Yiu

    55 Oak Street – Norwood, NJ 07648
    Fax: 201-660-7062

    Technical: 201-233-0003 E-mail:

    Orders/Shipping: 201-660-7010 E-mail:

    Discounts: 10% Off Entire Order with “db”, Weekly & Daily Deals via Forum or Email.

    #1 Choice for Popular Boutique Products

    Phil literally lives on forums at all hours of the day. Reasonable pricing, always alert product promotions, and great customer service makes Detailers Domain a prime choice in the US for boutique & professional products. In 2 short years, DD has readily detailed cars in NJ and while balancing realtime product vendoring & importing.

    Detailed Image Auto Detailing Supplies

    George Dushensky / Greg Pautler

    2 Van Buren Blvd – Building 19, Bay 1A Guilderland Ctr., NY 12085

    Telephone: 518-528-7717 or

    #1 Personal Choice for Detailing Products

    George and Greg have maintained great customer service along with awesome professional detailer guides. Pure Adapt Inc has been doing a great job promoting a recommended detailers list, product guides, detail walkthroughs and much more.

    Pakshak Micropak LLC – Ranney

    2224 Alahao Place, Unit #201
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96819
    Phone: 808-783-6006

    Discounts: Contact for Autopia or Pakshak Forum Rates

    #1 Microfiber Distributor

    Ranney distributes unique blends of high quality custom made korean microfibers. A bit high price-wise, the customer service more than makes up for it. Products are shipped via. USPS from Hawaii. You can always find vendoring a huge variety of products and microfibers on sale.  Ranney resides across the Pacific and on the forums.

    Top of the Line

    110 N.E. Hwy. 45
    Bonanza, Arkansas 72916


    Discounts: None, Free Customer Rewards Program

    #1 Choice for Professional Products

    Quite possibly the best professional detailing distributor serving every detailing possible need. Mobile kits, carpet dyeing, paint touch up, auto accessories and much more. This vendor serves every possible detailing need that you can think of. Palm Beach Motoring Accessories

    7744 SW Jack James Drive
    Stuart, FL 34997

    Phone: 1-800-869-3011


    Discounts: 10% Entire Order with “clubmember”, Free Shipping with “AGO”, Weekly & Daily Deals via Forum or Email

    #1 Choice for the First Detail Purchase

    Quite possibly the largest prosumer and boutique distributor in the US, Autogeek brings a constant product intake for every possible need. More for the individual detailer, Autogeek also hosts a strong forum: Watch for slightly high shipping fees, VIP deal  & more other deals via email.

    For more info on purchasing products from these vendors, please consult the Vendor Guide

    Next up: Wheel Cleaners Part 1.


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