Recent Work: Refresh Details & Griots Garage Polisher Review

After 4 sessions with the Griots Garage Polisher I’ve made a few observations:

– on/off button tab is real nice: instead of pushing forward and backward the movement is push forward for “on” and to turn off simply pushing down on the tab.

– speed dial is a bit tight when switching speeds. This is a good safe guard not to accidentally bump up speeds

– neck of the body is thin allowing easy movement & grasping. This reduces wear on your grip overtime

– head doesnt get extremely hot, if anything its a tiny bit lower heat then the PC at speed 6. This may vary by every individual, however I felt body heat was never an issue.

– matte black material of the polisher head is a bit annoying, as it could get dirty fast. otherwise nice gripping material.

– handle is mediocre due to its position, more for holding on vertical panels. I could myself just removing the handle and working the top & base of the polisher like my usual 7424 setup.

– due to the loud sound I actually felt the need to use my ear plugs.

– power is darn strong and out classes the PC7424. I found myself regulating between speeds 5 & 2 often during my short sessions.

– vibrations are slightly stronger, but not overbearing for me personally. it will not throb like the PC, but its bearable.

In summary: a definite upgrade that’s stronger, faster, louder. A polisher that gets the job done better than the PC.

Here is some recent work, mainly express/refresh details. 3 in 1 Day, new record:


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