New Product Alert: Optimum OptiClean

Optimum Car Care recently released their waterless car wash spray Optimum OptiClean. I’ve been searching forever for a waterless car wash spray to replace Poorboy’s Spray & Wipe. Cost was the biggest issue, considering not many reliable safe waterless sprays are available on the market. OptiClean is dilutable in large sizes and it cleans interiors.

Spray & Wipe has truly been my most favorite product on the boutique market. Use it after rain storms to clean your car from the light dirt film. It’s probably the strongest cleaning quick detailer you can use since it uses waterless polymers to encapsulate all dirt.

Waterless Spray Quick Detailers applications include:

– cleaning your vehicle for light dirt

– drying aid for any missed dirt during the wash stage

– window cleaner that is ultra safe for tints

– clay lubrication (usable if more dilutable)

– wiping down sections in between polishing stages

Can’t wait for more views & Detailed Image to stock it.


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