Liquid Finish: Detailing Philosophy

Progressive Detailing

Beliefs: Eco-Green Detailing

Waterless Technology and Conservation

Vapor Steam – Interior deodorizing & disinfecting without use of chemicals

Water Conservation with products such as Optimum No Rinse and Poorboy’s Spray & Wipe

Water Based & Solvent Free Products – OEM Grade, Phosphate Free

Microfiber Technology with authentic Korean Textiles

Products Minimalism – Focusing on products that work by the best Professional Detailers


No Price Matching – we do not price match services or techniques of other detailers

No Intensive Write Ups – no write ups involving more than 20 pictures – there is no need to document every square inch of a vehicle

Only Referral Discounts – discounting only comes in formal referrals

Our Customers:

Appreciate Detailing as a Craft and Art.

Want Quality over Price

Acknowledge Knowledge & Expertise are more important than Detailing Products

Recognize Detailing is an addiction, obsession, and work of pride.


Liquid Finish: Products & Equipment

Our Products and Equipment

Water Based & OEM Approved Products for All Surfaces
Eco-Conscious – Vapor Steam, Water Conservation &  Green Products
Hybrid – Mix of Professional, Enthusiast & Boutique Products
Examples of Brands & Product Lines We Use:
Meguiars Car Care: Mirror Glaze & Professional Line

Optimum Polymer Technologies

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Detail Session: BMW 550I Refresh Detail

Refresh Detail of a new BMW 550I with Decontamination Treatment.

Process & Products

Wash with Optimum No Rinse, Optimum Power Clean on Wheels & Tire

2 Coats of Optimum Tire Shine

Optimum Poliseal with Lake Country Green & Orange 5.5 inch Pads

Optimum OptiSeal & Spray Car Wax each with 2 coats and curing points.

Optimum OptiSeal on Wheels, Windows.

Autosmart In & Out Trim Shine on Grills

Poliseal Polishing before Sun Inspection



Final Sun Pictures after Inspection


IMG_2863 edited