Over the Counter Products Part 2: Products & Equipment

Popular Retail Products

Here is a common list of products Professional & Prosumer Detailers use that can be found locally:


Duragloss #901 Car Wash Concentrate – Cheap yet effective car wash available from Carquest

Meguiars Hyper Wash – Great professional car wash that dilutes to a high amount

Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner – One of the best safe wheel cleaners Available from AAA, Pepboys, Walmart.

Amazing Roll Off – Great all purpose cleaner for wheels & body.

ZEP Degreasers/APC – Citric, Purple, Window Cleaner – Cheap and available from Lowe’s

Folex – Great interior carpet pretreat cleaner available from Lowe’s


Duragloss #921 Fast Clean & Shine – Simple cleaning quick detailer

Duragloss #951 Aquawax – Strong spray wax yet at a great price

Duragloss #751 Rain Repel – Protects almost like RainX and cleans at the same time

Sprayway Window Cleaner – Usable everywhere, cheap and effective

CD2 Engine Detailer – Wonderful engine bay cleaner & protectant


3M Perfect It 3000 Ultrafina SE – One of the best finishing polishes for your paint.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #105 Ultra Cut Compound, #205 Ultra Finishing Polish – Best Correction Combo on the market

Meguiars Scratch X 2.0, Ultimate Compound – Straightforward consumer polishes


Collinite Insulator Wax #845 / Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax 476S – One of the strongest carnauba waxes that have a classic shine.

P21S Carnauba Wax – 100% or Regular – By far the easiest to use wax

Autoglym Super Resin Polish, HD Wax – Popular boutique products, now available everywhere

Duragloss #105 Total Performance Polish


Duragloss #253 Tire & Rubber Dressing – Blend of polymer dressing for your tires

Wheel: Armor All Wheel Protectant, Michelin Brake Dust Repellant – These repellants work for a brief period and protect well, don’t expect much durability.

Interior: Duragloss #221 Leather Conditioner


Duragloss #755 Glass Water Spot Remover

3m Adhesive Remover – Great for residue, tar, glue, removing decals and any miscellaneous problems.

Clay – Clay Magic currently holds the patent for the entire automotive clay market, so anything made by Meguiars or Mothers comes from Clay Magic. Just pay attention to the grades of clay you are purchasing. I recommend any finishing clay from Clay Magic or Meguiars.


Vacuums: Shop Vac/Rigid are your cheapest bet and are rock solid in durability

Microfibers: Viking, Cobra, and Vroom microfibers I would rate is passable since most of those products are made in China without the highest quality standards. Sam’s Club/Costco microfibers would be more used as throwable cloths at the end of your detail session. They definitely bleed color and lint.

Wash Tools: Look for SM Arnold or EuroW Mitts. In general Carrand brushes are decent, as a guideline I’d recommend any plastic or wood tools since metal will always rust. Grout Sponge are a very good alternative to lambswool or sheepskin mitts. Buckets are big round circular molds, so no need to go expensive. Just purchase Lowe’s or Home Depot 5 gallon buckets.


There is a huge variety of products available locally that many professionals use in their arsenals. What is problematic are stores do not necessarily carry everything in their inventories. I recommend Carquest quite well since they have the ability to order you any Meguiars or 3M Products.

As a whole, there is a real absence of quality buffing pads, buffing equipment & good quality microfibers. You could find some Buff & Shine foam pads and Meguiars foam pads. However it is quite rare to find Porter Cable Random Orbitals. If you are looking for long lasting and soft Microfibers you’re best bet is going online.


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