Product Alert: OptiCoat 2.0

Get ready for N.America’s first mainstream permanent coating to hit the market: Optimum Car Care’s OptiCoat 2.0. Otherwise known at OptiCoat for the consumers. Autogeek currently offers it for $60:

Can’t wait for more reviews and examples from proven Boutique Detailers. This coating has been in development for at least 3 years. It has been proven to prevent etching, marring, and eliminate the need for conventional Waxing/Sealing. This is an additional coating to your paint that adds in thickness that can be measured with a paint thickness meter.

Proper preparation is extremely crucial. That requires elimination of scratches, swirls, any waxes or sealants, residue, dirt. Essentially a perfectly clean and stable surface.

Here is a thorough review on Autopia:

Optimum Opti-Coating – Durability Test Review

Opti Coating – 6 Month Update

Opti Coating – 1 Year Review


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