Detail Session: Mazda 2 Wash & Wax

Basic Wash & Wax package for a new Mazda 2 with Optimum Package.

Process & Products

Foam Wash with Poorboy’s Super Slick & Suds

Wheels with TOL Wheel Wash, HiTemp Tire Cleaner on Tires

1 Layer of Optimum OptiSeal, Optimum Car Wax

Optimum Protectant in Trim & Interior

Optimum OptiBond on Tires

Finish Kare 425 Walk Around.




Detail Session: Refresh Detail – Mini Cooper S

Refresh Detail for a 3 month old Mini Cooper S with Black WoW Trim Treatment, Decontamination, & Metal Polishing.

Process & Products

Wash with Poorboy’s Super Slick & Suds

Wheels with P21S Green Gel, Power Clean on Tires

Yellow Mild Clay with Poorboy’s Spray & Gloss

Ultima Paint Cleanser with Lake Country Ultrafine HydroTech

1 Layer of Ultima Paint Guard Plus

Black WoW on Trim, Autosmart In & Out on Grills

Optimum OptiBond on Tires, OptiSeal on Rims/Exhaust

Before: Good condition, just lacking gloss

After: Gloss & Depth, Black WoW Curing.