Recent Detail: 135 BMW Black Minor Correction Detail

Fall is here, meaning way better temperature to work on this CPO’d 135. New products include Tuf Shine Tire Clearcoat & Meguiars DA Microfiber System.

After polishing with D300/105 Meguiars I found deep etching and minor swirling which meant deeper cutting was needed with Surf Buf, etc. I decided for the recent life of the paint it was better off leaving it at 95%. This paint responds better with depth, reflection & sparkle.

Process & Products

Foam Wash with Poorboy’s Super Slick & Suds

Tires with Tuf Shine Tire Cleaner x2, Power Clean 3:1. Tuf Shine Clearcoat 1.5 Times

Wheels with Sonax Wheel Cleaner & Various Brushes. Sealed with OptiSeal.

Paint Decontaminated with Special Yellow Elastic Clay

Polishing via D300 Compound + Cutting MF Pads, Meguiars 105 Compound & Cutting MF Pads.

Final Polish via Meguiars 205 & Low Profile Orange Pad.

1 Layer of Optimum Poliseal, OptiSeal, Optimum Car Wax

Finish Kare 425 Walk Around.

Total Time: Approx 12 Hours at slow rate.

Before Pictures:

In Process – D300/105 Cutting, Minor Swirling, Lack of Depth.

After M205/Orange Light Cut Pad

Final After Pictures


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