LF Guide: Routine Maintenance Tools

Maintenance of the vehicle with the right tools is extremely important Whatever touches the finish of your paint can either do damage or preserve the finish. These products are recommended based on popularity, performance, and value. Detailed Image is Liquid Finish’s preferred distributor for their quick shipment, quality customer service, and frequent sales.

Detailed Image Auto Detailing Supplies

Wash Tools

I recommend the Lake Country Blue Grout Sponge since it releases dirt, produces suds, and is extremely durable. Microfiber Wash Mitts & Wool Wash Mitts are recommended as well.


Boar’s Hair Detail Brush – Best for fine detail work in the interior or small wheel areas.

Premium Wheel Brush – Great for rear wheel barrels and hard to reach areas.

Don’t forget to checkout our Wheel Care Guide.


Waffle Weaves Drying Towel – by far the best tool to dry your vehicle besides an air compressor/blower. Recommended Quantity is about 2 per wash.OWAll Purpose Towel – best for miscellaneous cleaning like interior/wheel duty. Recommended Quantity – 6-10 Towels.


Ultra Plus Towel – best for quick detailing and buffing duties for your paint. Use premium towels to ensure a swirl free shine.

Also recommended: DI Great White Towel, reTHICKulous Towel


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