LF Restoration: 2008 Jerez Black M3

2008 Jerez Black M3 with dealer induced swirls. Thankfully only from the carwash and dealer neglect.

Process & Products:

Wheels  – Sonax Wheel Cleaner, Optimum Power Clean, various brushes. Sealed with OptiSeal Tires – Power Clean  & Optibond

Wash – Foam bath with Poorboy’s SSS, Power Clean – Pre Wash.

Clay – Yellow Erazer for decontamination.

Polish/Compound – D300 Correction Compound & M105 with Cutting MF Pad, D300 with Finishing MF Pad.

Finish – Optimum Poliseal, Optimum Optiseal, Optimum Car Wax. Finish Kare 425 Wipedown.

Interior – Optimum Protectant Plus

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