LF Correction: Audi A4 White with Tree Staining

4 Year old Audi A4 in need of some resurrection. Top surfaces were stained from a Tree which etched the surface. Tried a huge amount of adhesive, residue, and solvent chemicals. Correction was the only way.

Wheels  – Sonax Wheel Cleaner, Optimum Power Clean, Poorboy’s Wheel Cleaner various brushes.

Tires – Optimum OptiBond

Wash – Bath with Optimum Wash, Power Clean – Pre Wash/Prep Paint.

Decontamination – IronX, Nanoskin Towel

Clay  – Yellow Erazer Clay + Optimum No Rinse

Polish – M105 & D300 with various 3 inch pads + Hitachi Rotary

Wax – Optimum GPS, OptiSeal, Optimum Car wax

Interior – Vacuumed & Optimum Protectant Plus

Various Products: OptiClean, Adam’s QD, Goof Off.


Clean hood!
Clean hood!
Clean hood!


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