LF Correction: BMW 540 IT Metallic Black with Buffer Swirling

540TI with the case of rotary buffer swirling from a bodyshop. Opted for a 1 step correction since this vehicle is a daily driver and goes through a fair amount of work. Under halogens the buffer swirls were not shown, so in sunlight it was revealed to be more microscopic in action. Paint reads still averaged around 130 at the end of the session.

Wheels  – Sonax Wheel Cleaner / Optimum Power Clean various brushes.

Tires – Optimum OptiBond

Wash – Bath with Optimum Wash, Power Clean – Pre Wash/Prep Paint.

Decontamination – Nanoskin Towel, Optimum No Rinse

Polish – M105 & D300 via DA MF Megs Pad

Wax – Optimum GPS with Green 5.5, OptiSeal, Optimum Car wax

Wheels – OptiSeal

Various Products: AutoFinesse Revive, GR 40 Trim Cleaner. Optimum OptiClean


OK Appearance from afar.


Do not accept paint in this condition from a bodyshop!

Lots of potential for this paint!


Day 1 Appearance before final checkover the next day.


Decent for a 1 step for a daily driver.

Clear roof.

Goodbye buffer swirls.


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