LF Correct & Protect – 2001 BMW M5 with Ultima Car Care

2001 M5 in good condition, just needed some loving. Polished rear side since there were apparent defects. Also refined paint clear bra on the front. Paint restored to 90-95% since paint thickness was important for this vehicle to extend its life for 5+ years!

Wheels  – Sonax Wheel Cleaner, Optimum Power Clean various brushes.

Tires – Optimum OptiBond

Wash – Bath with Optimum Wash, Power Clean – Pre Wash/Prep Paint.

Decontamination – Nanoskin Towel, Optimum No Rinse

Polish – Mix match of D300, 105 Meguiars, SF4000. in many different areas.

Wax/Sealant – Optimum GPS & Ultima Paint Guard Plus

Wheels – OptiSeal

Various Products: Optimum OptiClean, Finish Kare 425



Scratching/Swirls. Refine the rear tail area.

Working on mild defects.

After – Of course running out of time to do final pictures.

Best shot of the day.


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