LF Protect & Polish: VW Rabbit Black with Optimum

5 year old VW Rabbit up for a little refreshing. Decontamination, headlight polishing, vapor steam interior, 1 step polish, and paint sealing all performed. Das Auto!

Wheels  – Optimum Power Clean various brushes.

Tires – Optimum OptiBond

Wash – Bath with Optimum WashOptimum Power Clean – Pre Wash/Prep Paint.

Decontamination – Nanoskin Towel with  Optimum No Rinse, Yellow Clay
Polish –  Optimum Poliseal
Headlights with Rotary + 3 Inch Meguiars Ultra-Cut Compound M105
Optimum GPS on Wheel Jams & Lower Bumpers.
Various Products: Optimum OptiClean, Finish Kare 425
 Ultima Detail Spray, Autosmart In & Out.


– Vacuum, Vapor Steam with VX5000, Optimum Power Clean

– Optimum Plus Protectant on Vinyl, Rubber, Misc Surfaces

In process headlight polishing.



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