Liquid Finish: After Your Detail

  Welcome to the Liquid Finish Family!

Happiness Guaranteed.

After your detail:
#1 Did we exceed your expectations?
#2 Was this experience unique and one of a kind?
#3 How can we improve? We simply want to be the best.
Let us know about any residue, streaks, dirt, or any issues of concern. We sleep at night wondering what we can do to improve.


General service timing intervals as described:
Wash & Wax – 1-4 months
Renew – every 6 months or earlier
Correction – once every 12 months

Maintenance Products & Tools

Need any products or tools? Have a look at what we recommend:
We can get you discounted pricing on specially recommended products from
Detailed Image Auto Detailing Supplies

Care Care Resource

We like to keep on cutting edge knowledge for car care related matter in the Triangle/RTP Area. We have recommendations at the moment for:
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Mechanic Shops
  • Vinyl, Window Tint, and Paint Film Installation
  • Interior Repair Specialists
  • Dealership Recommendations
Please let us know any alternative shops & resources! Currently on the prowl for Paint Technicians, Wheel Repair, &  Interior Repair.


 We keep pictures logged before and after details. Need them for insurance claims or pure pleasure? Let us know.


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