LF Show Car: 2005 Turbo S Black with Various Products

Porsche Turbo S in for Showcar Prep for PCA Hurricane Region Oktoberfest. Vehicle was gently cleaned and check over in many areas to ensure cleanliness. Paint was lightly polished within expectation.

Vehicle took a Win for Best in Class 996 Division. Two time winner! 2010 & 2012.

Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil applied and allowed to sit overnight for 12 hours
Leatherique Prestine Clean wipedown on leather & various surfaces to gently clean. Leather Master Protection Cream added for extra durability.
All carpet, seats, door areas vacuumed
Car mats vacuumed, scrubbed with Einszett Plastik-reiniger
Optimum Plus Protectant on plastics and vinyl + trunk plastics
Plastic pieces, instruments, glass wiped with Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer.
Engine bay wiped down with Optimum OptiClean
Optimum No Rinse water less wash, Hi-Temp Tire Cleaner on tires.
Griots Polisher, Green Pad & SF 4000 MenzernaSF4500 Menzerna  in some areas, Optimum GPSUltima Paint Guard Plus
Finish Kare 425Ultima Detail Spray for wipedown & various surfaces for showcar work.
Ultima Paint Guard Plus on rims, Prima Nero for tires
Auto Finesse Revive for All trim.

Vehicle was in good shape, just slight marring and hazing as seen in pictures.



Clarity to the paint thanks to Menzerna SF4500.

Out in the sun.


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