Clean & Protect: Special 911 Seal Grey

Today a special Seal Grey 911 in for a general paint assessment and protection detail. Paint measurements at a high of 115 microns, overall an average of 100 microns. Special attention was paid to the interior to remove excessive dressings and as well restore the driver’s seat. Sun inspection showed minor paint marring from improper rotary usage. To address the initial paint condition, we mixed a polymer glaze and minor paint polish to lay down a base for a good quality sealant. Interior was vapor steamed, then treated with Leatherique Pristine Clean. Driver’s seat was given a strong dosage of Rejuvenator Oil and accelerated with a heat source. Steering wheel was also treated with Leather Master Strong and Vital to restore factory feeling.


Notice the fine swirls.

Slightly bruised paint, improper rotary usage!

Slight marring.


Ensuring the Paint Protection Film is clean and well waxed. Protecting the PPF is even more important than paint since it can yellow from misuse.

Beautiful special 996.


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