Special Protection Detail: Audi R8 V10 Silver

Special Liquid Finish treatment for this Audi R8 V10 Spyder in silver. Protection was the main aim for this vehicle due to the newness and coming summer weather. Despite the yellow storm of pollen, vehicle was in great condition. Only issue area was the rear deck lid, factory installed DA sanding marks. A carnauba wax was requested instead of a polymer sealant for appearance preference. Collinite was applied to all painted surfaces as well as the paint protection film. Essential protection to maintain the vehicle.

  • Optimum Power Clean to degrease and remove all old dressings on the tires.
  • All exterior heavy foam wash with  Optimum Wash, wheels were rotated to tackle the huge rims
  • Yellow mild clay to decontaminate rear deck lid and rear section of the vehicle. Most likely due to the exhaust fumes and nature of the thing panel. Some DA sanding marks were evident from factory, these will be addressed in the future.
  • Paint Protection- Prima Amigo was used as a polymer glaze followed by my super secret durable yet classic wax: Collinite 476S.
  • Optimum OptiSeal was used for the metallic windshield area and acrylic/hybrid surfaces such as the interior carbon fiber. Wheels protected with a coat, will monitor to see the longterm effectiveness.
  • Tires:   Water based dressing to replace the solvent dealer prep, Prima Nero to the rescue.
  • Door Jams:  Optimum OptiSeal after a good Opticlean waterless wash
  • Leather:  Leather Master Protection Cream & Leather Master Vital were both used to enhance the feel and protect against deterioration
  • Interior: Optimum Plus Protectant was applied in vinyl areas to ensure UV protection
  • Various Other Products –  Optimum OptiCleanFinish Kare 425


Vehicle looks new and clean, but doesn’t “pop”


One word: gloss!


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