Complete Price List

Price List

Forever our motto: Are you happy?  How can we improve that experience?

Liquid Finish is not a detail service based around price. There are over hundred detailing businesses in the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Apex, Wake Forest, Garner, and Chapel Region. We cannot be the fastest, cheapest, and high quality service. However our formula is pretty simple:

Innovative products + proper safe techniques + constant improvements = Happy clients.

Our aim is try to specialize in every surface of a vehicle. Whether it’s consumer, prosumer, professional, or industrial based products our aim is to produce the best result.

Our clients make the business and we will forever be grateful to have the privilege to detail vehicles.

all services customizable to customer needs

final quotes made on site

pricing criteria:  customer expectations, vehicle condition & size, time & labor

base | fast & clean

  • pre rinse + exterior wash of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber and compressed air
  • wheels cleaned & dressed
  • quick vacuum & light dusting
  • apply UV protection to dash
  • windows in & out

weekly touch for like new vehicles

start $50, on site, weekly 

maintenance | wash & wax

  • pre rinse + exterior cleaning of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber and waterless wash
  • protection treatment : spray wax or synthetic sealant or carnauba wax
  • interior vacuum and wipe down of all surfaces
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, trim
  • clean & treat wheel, tires, wheel wells
  • clean interior and exterior windows streak free

maintenance for a level 1 package.

start $100, on site, monthly

addons: spot buffer, spot interior, headlight renew, glass treatment

level 1 | refresh

wash & wax+ 

  • vapor steam sterilization of all interior surfaces
  • UV treatment and protection of all interior materials
  • machine application all in one polish hybrid sealant
  • synthetic sealant or natural carnauba wax

most popular package for like new vehicles

start $200, on site, quarterly/bi-annually

addons: 1 step – 2 step polish stage

level 2 | correction

level 1 +

  • paint, metal, &  glass decontamination with clay
  • one to two step paint correction to level surface
  • finishing polish to gloss surface

neglected vehicles with swirls, scratches, contamination, and popular for new clients

start $300, drop off or on site, annually

level 3 | perfection 

level 2 +

  • 3+ paint step refinement and enhancement for maximum gloss
  • the works – engine bay, interior restoration, multi surface treatment

show-car work for the absolute best

please inquire for madness

Other Services

new car treatment & optimum opticoat installation

overspray removal: paint latex & water based

spot paint defect removal

leather rejuvenation by leatherique

vapor steaming engine bay

headlight & lens restoration


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