Correction & Protection: New BMW 528i

New 528i Detail to address buffer swirling and overall neglect from the previous owner. Vehicle had 16K miles and the previous owner had a hack detail done. Trunk lid and front hood had a significant amount of buffer swirling from a high speed rotary.

Mediocre before. I had done the interior with a thorough vacuum and spot cleaned stains around the interior. Overall great shape.

From afar the car looks “good”.

Up close, paint was brutalized. For the trunk we can see buffer trails as seen in the white lines. These are burns that have to be repaired.

In progress – right 1/3 of the hood polished no wax. 2/3 of the hood has the rest of the buffer swirling.

After – polished and waxed, far more color saturation and depth.

A proper blue look.


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