Renew Detail – Honda Accord & Tom’s Garage

Had an inquiry from the Tommy Gabele at Tom’s Garage in Apex. 2003 Honda Accord Nighthawk Black with repaints on various portions of the vehicle. Worse was the hood that had obvious huge issues from improper buffing and rotary swirling. Taking the challenge for the budgeted detail I was lucky to use my Rupes + Green Pad + Optimum GPS to greatly revive the paint without going into paint correction type work. A quickie, owner will be informed about possible one or two step details to address the rest of the paint defects. Thanks to Tom for the chance to work a tiny bit of magic.

One picture is enough to show you the before condition. Didn’t have enough time for the quick turnaround.

Paint was essentially polished to the least abrasive method possible without filling in the defects. Thank you Rupes + Optimum GPS.



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