Correction: Black A4 Audi

Level 2 Detail: Black Audi A4 in for paint restoration to address swirl marks and hood fading due to usage of a rubbing compound. We were asked to clear up the front windshield due to contamination and overall poor condition. 2 step correction was suggested to restore the paint within 80-90%. 


In general in need of a wash.

Under the door you begin to see the damage in need of correction.

Wheels in desperate need of a wash.

Hood damage, not sun damage. Faded sections due to using over the counter rubbing compound. 

In process

Swirls! Lots of swirls.

Before of the hood in need of correction.

Notice the 1/2 mark, right side swirls removed and slight polish residue on the paint.


Correction done to safely leave enough paint on the surface without going deeper for the isolated scratches.

In process hood work. Peer into the light mark.

Making progress.


Vehicle protected with Prima Amigo as a base, 2 coats of 845. 

Restored hood.

Much better despite the worst weather in the world.

Rear bumper was repainted and a completely different tone.

Notice the camera flash? Paint defects removed!


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