Correction Detail: E90 335 Le Mans Blue

2011 Le Mans Blue 335 with some paint issues thanks to awesome dealership work. No dings on the vehicle, various paint touchup all over the vehicle. Hood paint thickness readings had a weird reading at the tip near BMW badge. Diagnosed as an obvious paint repair. Vehicle was at 65-70%, one step polish brought back to 85%. Rest of the paint had many random isolated scratches and deep marring. Bumper also had a large amount of dirt nibs. as well as a deep scratches near the trunk panel.


Not bad, not great.
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Clean & Protect: Green Autocross Mazda Miata

Tarheel Sports Car Club Autocross Green Mazda Miata in for a simple Level 1 Renew detail. Due the age and known Mazda production flaws car, recommended something basic to clean and condition the paint. Overall paint thickness 115 microns across the board, despite rear left fender reading up to 170 microns. We will monitor the clearcoat separation around the trunk are overtime.

Horrible pictures due to the overcast skies, however it didn’t rain!

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Clean & Protect: Land Rover Defender Black

Special Range Rover Defender into today for paint cleaning and protection for further damage overtime. Various staining and deep paint defects existed before the detail. Primary concern was to address the water staining and put a strong layer of protection down. Wild amount of paint readings: 400, 300, 240, and 80 microns on the rear! Thorough foam blasting wash on everything was completed as well as stripping the paint down. Nanoskin greatly revived the paint. HD Polish was aggressive enough to minimize the swirling, however some deeper defects remain for further correction down the road. Interior was aggressively vapor steamed to disinfect all surfaces. Maintenance scheme will be basic wash and waxes for longevity.

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