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Detailing Madness in Triangle – RDU, North Carolina, USA Since 1888.


Online resource for everyone into the car detailing. Includes guides into every part of your vehicle. Product reviews emerging in Prosumer & Professional Market. Home to Liquid Finish: Personal Detail Services.
  • Define basic questions like what is a polish, sealant, or clay?
  • Emphasize the Perfection & Maintenance of a Vehicle
  • Break misconceptions about popular products & techniques


  • always keep an honest & open perspective
  • a source of reliable recommendations that work and live up to the hype
  • generate feedback from inquiring and knowledgeable minds
  • create concise and relevant info for readers

Bias Warning

This blog is more biased toward the Prosumer/Boutique/Enthusiast products.The rise in online forums such as Autopia, Detailing Bliss, Mobileworks, Detailing World and others have really elevated the available information.

In general product or process recommendations fullfill 3 criteria:

  • must be effective, tested, and just plain work
  • must be popular with professional detailers
  • must not be primarily consumerist base, no “flavor of the month”

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