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Correction: Porsche 911 Lapis Blue

911 Lapis Blue up for correction today. A few repainted panels and of course bodyshop issues with finishing/clean up. Paint readings for original paint read at 90 microns, we decided to do a one step polish to ensure proper paint thickness overtime. Client requested the steering wheel be stripped of oils and restored to original matte look. Much time was spent doing clean up from the prior body shop.


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Overspray & Renew: BMW X5 Dark Silver

Special overspray removal on this freshly detailed BMW X5. Concrete sealer speckled this vehicle, thankfully the vehicle was detailed the past month. Many hours of overspray removal with a special solvent remover. Vehicle was clayed and sealed to ensure proper protection for the fall weather. Client requested a special trim dressing be applied, CarPro Perl performed perfectly for hydrating and giving longterm protection.

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Overspray Removal & Correction: Acura TSX Dark Blue

Today’s vehicle was dotted on the rear and passenger side with road paint overspray. Three hours of proper overspray removal with a mix of water, solvents, and decontamination products. Due to the paint’s age, 106K+ Miles after 7 year, we opted to go for a good one step polish for pre sale value. A few deep scratches and 15% paint defects remain, however the vehicle is quite revived.

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Correction Detail: E90 335 Le Mans Blue

2011 Le Mans Blue 335 with some paint issues thanks to awesome dealership work. No dings on the vehicle, various paint touchup all over the vehicle. Hood paint thickness readings had a weird reading at the tip near BMW badge. Diagnosed as an obvious paint repair. Vehicle was at 65-70%, one step polish brought back to 85%. Rest of the paint had many random isolated scratches and deep marring. Bumper also had a large amount of dirt nibs. as well as a deep scratches near the trunk panel.


Not bad, not great.
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Correction: Black A4 Audi

Level 2 Detail: Black Audi A4 in for paint restoration to address swirl marks and hood fading due to usage of a rubbing compound. We were asked to clear up the front windshield due to contamination and overall poor condition. 2 step correction was suggested to restore the paint within 80-90%. 


In general in need of a wash.

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Renew Detail – Honda Accord & Tom’s Garage

Had an inquiry from the Tommy Gabele at Tom’s Garage in Apex. 2003 Honda Accord Nighthawk Black with repaints on various portions of the vehicle. Worse was the hood that had obvious huge issues from improper buffing and rotary swirling. Taking the challenge for the budgeted detail I was lucky to use my Rupes + Green Pad + Optimum GPS to greatly revive the paint without going into paint correction type work. A quickie, owner will be informed about possible one or two step details to address the rest of the paint defects. Thanks to Tom for the chance to work a tiny bit of magic.

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Correction & Protection: New BMW 528i

New 528i Detail to address buffer swirling and overall neglect from the previous owner. Vehicle had 16K miles and the previous owner had a hack detail done. Trunk lid and front hood had a significant amount of buffer swirling from a high speed rotary.

Mediocre before. I had done the interior with a thorough vacuum and spot cleaned stains around the interior. Overall great shape.

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