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LF Microfiber Guide: Proper Wash & Care

Simple steps to properly care for your microfibers:

No bleach, softener, dyes or perfumes.

1 teaspoon of white vinegar per towel

1 to 2 oz of “free” detergent per standard microfiber load

Wash Microfibers separately from other textiles – Treat as Delicate

Low or No Heat – Preferably air dry

These are simple tips I tell all my clients for caring for their microfibers. Read on for Part 1 of the Liquid Finish Detailing Microfiber Guide.

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LF Guide: Routine Maintenance Tools

Maintenance of the vehicle with the right tools is extremely important Whatever touches the finish of your paint can either do damage or preserve the finish. These products are recommended based on popularity, performance, and value. Detailed Image is Liquid Finish’s preferred distributor for their quick shipment, quality customer service, and frequent sales.

Detailed Image Auto Detailing Supplies

Wash Tools

I recommend the Lake Country Blue Grout Sponge since it releases dirt, produces suds, and is extremely durable. Microfiber Wash Mitts & Wool Wash Mitts are recommended as well.

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Over the Counter Products Part 2: Products & Equipment

Popular Retail Products

Here is a common list of products Professional & Prosumer Detailers use that can be found locally:


Duragloss #901 Car Wash Concentrate – Cheap yet effective car wash available from Carquest

Meguiars Hyper Wash – Great professional car wash that dilutes to a high amount

Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner – One of the best safe wheel cleaners Available from AAA, Pepboys, Walmart.

Amazing Roll Off – Great all purpose cleaner for wheels & body.

ZEP Degreasers/APC – Citric, Purple, Window Cleaner – Cheap and available from Lowe’s

Folex – Great interior carpet pretreat cleaner available from Lowe’s

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Over the Counter Part 1: Brands & Stores

Over the Counter & Retail Products

You can detail your vehicle without spending large amounts of money on high end products. With the right products found locally you can detail all of your personal vehicles. Part 1 briefly goes over the safe brands to choose, Part 2 goes over specific popular products that perform.


Most locally available car care brands  do not have highest of quality due to the volume and lack of consumer awareness. These are the common safe brands that have a decent reputation (in order of my preference):

#1 Meguiar’s Car Care

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