Opticoat 2.0 – To Coat or Not to Coat?

Opticoat 2.0 is rapidly becoming a staple in the boutique prosumer detailing market. Many prospective customers have reoccurring questions about the coating. Here are a few personal opinions and outlooks regarding the product.

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Renew: E90 335


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Renew: White Audi S4

Standard In & Out for a well kept vehicle. Special attention directed at treating the interior with UV protection and ensuring Napa Leather was protected.


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Renew: Carbon Black E46 M3 – Prep for Sale

Carbon Black E46 M3 in for a Renew Detail. Package was chosen to maximize value yet refreshen the vehicle for resale. Front hood had deep RIDS (random isolated scratches) which were taken out with Meguiars M100. Vehicle was decontaminated and thoroughly cleaned otherwise. Please inquire if there is any interest in this extremely well mechanically sorted vehicle.


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Renew: Special Edition Miata MX-5

Express renew one-step package for this MX-5. Our objective was to quickly renew the paint for resale and keep a budget according to the age of the vehicle. Rear bumper was slightly scuffed with overspray, easily removed with a paint polish. One step polish had a huge change on the swirls. Only after pictures due to lack of time and short turn around time.

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Opticoat 2.0: Ford Fusion Electric Blue

New Ford Fusion Electric scheduled for Opticoat 2.0. Pretty normal OC process, paint desperately needed a polish to bring out the color.

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Clean & Protect: Special 911 Seal Grey

Today a special Seal Grey 911 in for a general paint assessment and protection detail. Paint measurements at a high of 115 microns, overall an average of 100 microns. Special attention was paid to the interior to remove excessive dressings and as well restore the driver’s seat. Sun inspection showed minor paint marring from improper rotary usage. To address the initial paint condition, we mixed a polymer glaze and minor paint polish to lay down a base for a good quality sealant. Interior was vapor steamed, then treated with Leatherique Pristine Clean. Driver’s seat was given a strong dosage of Rejuvenator Oil and accelerated with a heat source. Steering wheel was also treated with Leather Master Strong and Vital to restore factory feeling.


Notice the fine swirls.
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